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Steerable Knee Scooter

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  • Product Description


    • The Steerable Knee Scooter is a proven and trusted mobility aid that delivers one of the best knee walker values in the industry.   This knee scooter is an excellent alternative to crutches for individuals recovering from injury or surgery to the foot, ankle or lower leg as well as below the knee amputees.


    • Excellent stability and control when maneuvering - these steerable knee walkers offer an adjustable locking handbrake and rear drum brake.


    • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, the Steerable Knee Scooter kneeling walker features four 7.5" non-marking rubber wheels, a comfortable 3.5" thick contoured knee platform that is left or right-leg compatible, and a free basket.


    • The lightweight steerable knee scooter also features handlebars with a quick folding mechanism for easy transport and storage.


    • Fully adjustable handlebars and knee platform, this lightweight yet sturdy knee walker offers a robust 300 lb weight capacity and is recommended for individuals with heights 5' - 6'6.

    Product Features

    • Adjustable Drum Hand Brake
    • Dual Ankle Design for Extreme Durability
    • Features Rear Drum Brakes for Smoother, More Consistent Braking
    • Padded Contoured Knee Platform with Easy Folding Mechanism
    • 8.5″ x 11″ x 8″ Wire Basket is included for convenient storage and transport of your personal belongings
    • Leg Compatibility: Left and Right
    • Knee Rest: 3.5″ Contoured Molded Foam
    • Handlebars: Comfort Form 7/8″ Steel
    • Grips: Easy Clean Rubber
    • Setup: Tool Free
    • Accommodates patient heights 5′ – 6’6″

    Product Specifications

    • Product Weight: Only 22 lbs
    • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
    • Tires: 7.5″ Solid Polyurethane Rubber Wheels (Non-Marking) w/ Shock-Absorbing Sealed Windows
    • Overall Length w/ Basket: 35″ (31.5″ without basket)
    • Overall Height w/ handlebar in lowest position: 33″
    • Overall Height w/ handlebar in highest position: 43″
    • Overall Height w/ handlebar folded: 17″
    • Handlebar Adjusted Height Range: 33″ – 43″
    • 3.5″ Contoured Knee Support Adjusted Height Range: 17.5″ – 22.5
    • Front Axle Width: 16″
    • Stopping: Rear Drum Brakes

    Click Here Kneescooter Steering Setup Video

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  • Product Reviews


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      Great invention! Definitely helped me transport from room to room after I broke my ankle. Light-weight but very sturdy. I ordered the additional padding for the knee area, which I am EXTREMELY thankful I did. The exclusive seat covering really makes a big difference especially since I also had a large skin abrasion located on my knee where I lay it on the scooter. With the extra padding, I am able to use the scooter without much discomfort. on Jan 22nd 2017

    2. Great buy for the price

      Quality scooter for a very reasonable price compared to the medical device store and several other manufacturers. It makes wide turns (likely a safety feature to keep it from tipping), and folding the handlebars down doesn't make it much smaller. Folding the handlebars down is not easy to do on one leg - you have to reach down to the frame and push a button in with a pen or key. Those are minor annoyances I can easily overlook to go to work without crutches or a wheelchair. I would definitely recommend this product to others. on Aug 23rd 2016

    3. Works well

      I commute on a train to a large city. I need to go 6 blocks from the train to my office. This will keep me from needing to take a cab every day while my injured foot heals. on Jul 22nd 2016

    4. Made my surgery easier

      I can not put any weight on my leg since I had a plate and screws put in because of a fracture . This knee walker helped so much, I am able to move around my house with ease. on May 17th 2016

    5. The Perfect Gift

      I bought this as a gift to my mother. The product arrived today and I am very pleased with the on-time delivery as I travel out-of-the country tomorrow to take it to her. I expect that it will be a welcome gift. on Apr 28th 2016

    6. customer service responsiveness.

      I had some problems getting in touch with someone live, company east coast and I am on the west coast. It took some time but, I did receive call backs and spoke with someone on the phone. After receiving the knee scooter on time, I put it together and the cup holder had no instructions and I tightened it too much, per my conversation with their rep. It took a couple of days and I did right a neg. review initially, the rep I spoke with sent me a replacement holder at no charge. The product outstanding, no instructions were sent with the cup holder either time, and the follow up with cup holder was much improved. But as a customer, it would be nice to be more accessible to those in a different time zone. On 1-5 scale, from concerns expressed initially, i would rank them 1 worst and 5 best, at 4 up from 3 initially on Apr 21st 2016

    7. product arrived and well constructed, accessories headlight/cupholder damaged

      The product arrived as promised, packaging intact, the instructions for the steering column and the steel plate are not very clear. Once assembled product is sturdy, two accessories were a problem, the headlight has no instructions, nor did the cup holder. The headlight still doesn't work, its in a rubber enclosed case so it doesn't have a battery, the cup holder has a clamp similar to the steering mechanism release clamp, but after tightening it. I assumed that to secure it you snapped it, but it broke. While the product itself is outstanding, and mishaps occur, it's difficult to contact the company particularly if you want to resolve a problem and are on the west coast, I have never gotten through to anyone on the toll free number, and why do you have to use an entirely different email address than knee walker to contact them on Apr 13th 2016

    8. Sturdy Knee Scooter

      This is a great scooter. The only thing that would make it even better is if the handle bars were wider and the pad the knee rests on could adjust backward or have a little longer frame so the handle bars are not so close to you. Other than that, it is pretty sturdy, easy to assemble and moves well. on Mar 28th 2016

    9. Makes little things easier.

      The KneeRover is enabling me to get about following foot surgery that will not let me put any weight on it for about four months. It is sturdy. The steering is good but the turn radius is somewhat limited, which may be on purpose to reduce the chance of overturning. The best feature for me is the single brake handle that controls the rear axle for stopping rather than a dual system I used in the past that braked both wheels unequally. And when it rained, the braking was less than desireable. This device is much, much better. on Mar 18th 2016

    10. Awesome step saver!

      This thing is Great, what a wonderful idea! It's sturdy, well-built, maneuver's well, VERY comfortable, and easy to ride. Perfect for the long walks from one end of the house to the other, doesn't mark wood floors. I wish this model came in a different color than green, but it looks fine and doesn't stand out if you use it in a store. FUN in stores! Just don't go too fast, it's not designed for fast turns. Also, watch your pants cuffs, and don't let it get caught under the rear tire. All in all, it's a very good purchase for someone with knee or ankle pain. I was concerned that my knee would be uncomfortable, but the "seat" is padded just right, great support, but still pliable to cradle a sore knee. Easy to steer, easy to store. Would recommend highly. on Dec 29th 2015

  • Product Videos

    • How To Assemble Your Kneerover Kneescooter

    How To Assemble Your Kneerover Kneescooter

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