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KneeRover Jr. All Terrain Steerable Knee Walker Scooter

Little Red Rover
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  • Product Description


    The ONLY All Terrain Knee Walker Designed for Kids and Small Adults - from the # 1 Knee Walker Brand

    The revolutionary KneeRover® Jr knee scooter is the most versatile and advanced kneewalker in the industry - establishing a new level of durability and freedom of mobility for individuals recovering from a broken foot, broken ankle, broken leg, foot surgery, ankle surgery or other lower leg injuries or medical conditions like ulcers.

    These indoor - outdoor All Terrain walkers feature 9" diameter off-road pneumatic tires designed to easily traverse grass, sidewalks, gravel and dirt with incredible ease and agility (this is simply not possible with most knee scooters available today).

    Knee Rover Jr. now comes equiped with the KneeRover® Stabilizer for users seeking increased stability while maneuvering their scooter.

    The Knee Rover Jr knee walker also includes a free detachable basket.

    Whether your are at home, at work, on the trail or on the town, experience more of life on your terms with the All Terrain KneeRover!

    Product Weight: 24 lbs (26 lbs with Stabilizer attached)
    WEIGHT CAPACITY: 250 lbs
    Overall Length: 29"
    Handlebar Height Range: 32" to 38"
    Overall Height w/ handlebar folded and seat removed: 16"
    Knee Support Height Range: 16" - 19.5"
    Knee pad: 7" width x 12.5" length
    Front Axle Width: 18.5"
    Rear Clamp Brakes & Locking Hand brake
    Wire Basket (9" x 7.5" x 6")

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    1. Love the lil scooter

      Love the lil scooter, cant beat it for the money. Was renting one from local med. supply store, yet the scooter from them was not any where as nice. could not go through much different terrain with it. I live on gravel road and needed something to be able to take grandson on walks. The kneeRover jr. works great for that. Only Reason I did not give 5 star rating is I ordered the lil headlight for scooter but it was not in the box. Other than that wonderful product and wonderful service. Fast and affordable. on Jan 18th 2017

    2. good overall product

      Can be a little unsteady but overall good product. I'm a short adult and it worked good for me. on Oct 27th 2016

    3. Perfect Fit

      My wife was renting a knee scooter. The rental could not be adjusted to her height of 4'11". This was a perfect fit. The air filled tires make using the scooter easier than the hard rubber tires of the rental. on Oct 16th 2016

    4. increased mobility. Yay!

      I already had one knee scooter that I borrowed from a friend but after testing it on my grass yard I decided I needed a more stable version of a knee scooter that could more safely transport me over grassy sloped areas of my yard.
      There 's a learning curve I didn't expect for achieving balance and its a little scary to use at this point. Hoping to practice and gain confidence., as I'm looking forward to tending a small garden that I had to abandon when I broke my leg.

      I'm impressed with the quality construction and ease of assembly.

      As other people have commented, I too wish the basket was bigger. I have many things to transfer from one area of my basement to the outdoors and I wish it could hold more stuff to reduce the need for multiple trips.
      And I'm noticing the brakes are dragging on the back wheel which may be the reason for imbalance I'm experiencing. Ill be in touch with customer service soon to get some help making the proper adjustments.

      on Jul 24th 2016

    5. Adaptions needed

      I need all terrain & think some one was a genius to see a need & come up with a product for mobility impaired people. But after day one, my knee is killing me. I don't want to buy another device (seated) because it wouldn't be suitable for our terrain. Please ask the designer to create the additional option to the all terrains so people can buy a seat & foot rest to adapt their all terrain according to their need in the event we discover our knees can't tolerate a knee rover version. This adaption would be a longer seat post (height relevant of operater) & an attachable foot rest. Also send out emails to owners of your all terrain models so that they would know this accessory is available. I noted some people complained about maneuverability. But it's no big deal to go back & forth to maneuver tight spaces. The turning is limited because I can see it would be easy to turnover & fall if the all terrain didn't have this limiting design element. So the designer was thinking of our safety. So don't whine people about maneuverability. on Mar 26th 2016

    6. Really good alternative to crutches

      The Kneerover Jr. is a great alternative to crutches. With the wide pneumatic tires, it is much more stable when traversing grass, gravel, sidewalks, carpets, thresholds and anything else that has even a slightly irregular contour. The previous device had skinny 'roller blade' type tires that snagged at the slighted bump, even crossing on to a throw rug was a chore. Not so with these monster pneumatic tires. They will get you across many more obstacles with ease. The bicycle style brakes are a vast improvement over the lever style wheel locks on other models (like wheelchair brakes). The caliper brakes offer much more precise control of braking making ramp descents much safer. On that note however, the brakes cause too much friction and make forward momentum more difficult to maintain than it should be. This is because the plastic wheel is warped and no amount of 'fiddling' with the brakes can compensate for the rear wheel being out of true. My recommendation would be to start using a metal wheel similar to a bicycle wheel with spokes that can be adjusted if need be or increase the quality control to eliminate simple errors such as this. Overall however, I feel this is a great device and has certainly allowed us to keep independent and maintain a somewhat normal schedule. on Feb 4th 2016

    7. Well made very rugged

      I like the kneerover Jr very much. I just wish you sold a padded cover for the knee rest. I am
      concerned that a universal cover might be to large.
      on Aug 25th 2015

    8. Jr. All Terrain Knee Walker

      This product has allowed me to become more mobile with a broken foot. I have a cast on my foot from calf to the toes. It has a comfortable padded knee seat that does not hurt my chin when I use it. It was easily adjustable. It goes through the grass and gravel roads easily.
      The only downfall is that is does not have really good turning radius. I am required at times to reverse it and go again or I may need to pick it up and move it over in order to make a turn.
      Other than that it is a good sturdy product that only took my husband about 10 minutes to put together. All parts were there.
      on Jul 16th 2015

    9. What A Great Ride !!!!!!

      I purchased this knee roller rather than renting the ones offered by the insurance companies.

      I have just had my right foot re-constructed and when it has completely healed then I will have to have my left foot reconstructed. Unfortunately the left foot will require 2 to 3 surgeries.

      Because I will be using a knee-roller for a long period of time I wanted to give myself the luxury of a superior ride, and because I am not a very tall person I opted for the pediatric version.

      I could not be more pleased with my new ride, and the bright red color makes my days happier. Sometimes I feel like a kid on a brand new red trike.!!!

      When I have completed all of my surgeries and know there will be no more foot surgeries in my future I plan to place a nice new bell on the handlebars and donate it to a children's hospital.

      This terrific knee-roller will last forever and it should give it's good use to as many people as possible.

      Thank you for making my days brighter and my foot better. You have a really wonderful product that has been designed to do it's job to the very best it can.
      on Jul 13th 2015

    10. BEST RIDE IN TOWN !!!!!!!!

      Not only is this honey a great boost to the eyes but is easy to use and not at all difficult in any way. I rate it 5 STARS but I cannot get the program to accept my entry.

      After I recover from this surgery I have 2 to 3 more surgeries to go. That is why I bought one instead of doing the rental thing.

      I was going to sell it when I didn't need it anymore but now I think that I will put a nice bell on it and donate it to a children's hospital. It is,after all a child's knee roller.

      What do you think about my plans ?

      on Jul 8th 2015

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