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KneeRover All Terrain Steerable Knee Walker Knee Scooter

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  • Product Description

    • The All Terrain KneeRover Knee Walker is the most versatile and advanced steerable knee scooter in the industry - establishing a new level of durability and freedom of mobility for individuals who cannot bear weight on their foot or ankle, yet want to remain active.


    • Ideal for individuals recovering from injury or surgery to the foot, ankle or lower leg as well as below the knee amputees. The All Terrain KneeRover is an excellent alternative to crutches and offers the most versatility among knee walkers.


    • Indoor - Outdoor All Terrain knee scooter features 12 inch pneumatic tires - perfect for navigating your home, work, and any terrain with ease - including grass, gravel, dirt and gaps in sidewalks. This is simply not possible with most knee scooters available today.


    • Maximum stability and control when maneuvering - these steerable knee walkers offer an advanced automotive style tie-rod steering mechanism (not available on most knee walkers) and an adjustable locking handbrake.


    • Fully adjustable knee platform and handle bars with easy folding mechanism for simple transport and storage of rolling knee walker. Heavy duty double bar construction offers unprecedented strength and stability for a knee scooter. All Terrain KneeRover knee walker offers a 400 lb weight capacity and is recommended for individuals with heights 5' - 6'5".
    Product Features:

    • Adjustable Brake with Parking/Locking Feature
    • Dual Crossbar Design for Extreme Durability
    • Features Rear Brake for Smoother, More Consistent Braking
    • Padded Contoured Comfortable Knee Platform with Easy Folding Mechanism
    • 7.5″ x 12.5″ x 8.25″ Wire Basket is included for convenient storage and transport of your   personal belongings
    • Leg Compatibility: Left and Right
    • Knee Rest: 3″ Contoured Molded Foam
    • Handlebars: Comfort Form 7/8″ Steel
    • Grips:  Easy Clean Rubber
    • Setup: Tool Free
    • Accommodates patient heights 5′ – 6’5″
    Product Specifications:

    • Color: Blue
    • Product Weight: Only 27 Lbs
    • Shipped weight: 34 Lbs
    • Weight Capacity: 400 lbs
    • Tires: 12″ Air-filled (note: you will need to inflate tires upon receiving the unit)
    • Overall Length: 35.5″
    • Overall Height w/ handlebar in lowest position: 34″
    • Overall Height w/ handlebar in highest position: 46″
    • Overall Height w/ handlebar folded and seat removed: 19″
    • Handlebar Adjusted Height Range: 35″ – 47″
    • 3″ Contoured Knee Support Adjusted Height Range: 19″ – 22.5″
    • Knee pad dimensions: 6.75″ wide x 12.5″ length
    • Front Axle Width: 21″
    • Stopping: Rear Brakes


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    1. super scooter

      Very easy to setup and use. Very durable and comfortable. Don't know how I could get around without it. Have to return to work next week and would not be able to without this scooter. on Nov 12th 2015

    2. super scooter

      Very easy to setup and use. Very durable and comfortable. Don't know how I could get around without it. Have to return to work next week and would not be able to without this scooter. on Nov 12th 2015

    3. Sturdy, Heavy Duty, Comfortable

      After struggling for a week with a rental, I ordered the Knee Rover and couldn't be happier. I live in the country and couldn't even get out the front door without tipping over using the cheap rental. The Knee Rover is a beast that can truly handle all terrains. Although it is a bit large in the house I love how sturdy and stable it is. The knee pad is far more comfortable on this than the rental was. The sheepskin cover is also helpful. I am female, 5'9", and weigh 150 lbs. On the lowest setting it almost too big for me so if you're a smaller person you might want to consider the junior model. I opted for this one because I wanted the off road tires and I couldn't be happier. on Oct 30th 2015

    4. This KneeRover is a lifesaver!

      After severely fracturing my heel, I was put on total non-weight bearing status for 3 months. I initially rented a knee roll-around but it was flimsy and painful to use (at $100 a month!). In desperation, I began to look at purchasing one that would be higher quality when I found the KneeRover. This scooter is amazingly sturdy, stable, and comfortable to use. I am a very active hospital nurse and I live in the country. The KneeRover enables me to traverse our rough terrain and I am able to go back to work because I am now so mobile. This thing is a beast! Thank you for selling such a great product and thank you for giving me my mobility back. on Oct 24th 2015

    5. Heavy Duty

      Having ankle fusion surgery so I got this to try to get around easier. Shipping was very fast and it seems to be very heavy duty for a big guy like me (300lbs) Very easy to assemble. I think it needs a nylon lock nut instead of locktite for the steering assembly. Also the turning radius isn't very tight. I trimmed off the stop to be able to turn tighter but I understand why it's there, it's a possibility that if you aren't careful you could tip it over. I don't plan on be that fast with it. We have an older ranch home with a narrow hallway so it did help to navigate the doorways.
      Overall a very quality unit
      on Oct 6th 2015

    6. Preoperative Practice is Key to Success

      I am scheduled for ankle fusion in 3 weeks and decided to get my All Terrain Knee scooter early to train for the post op non weight bearing period. It arrived within 5 days and was easy to assemble. I have been using it to practice mobility and have been able to master getting in and out of bed, going to bathroom to use facilities including shower stool, negotiating inclines, walking the dogs, and getting in and out of the car. I no longer have fear of going out in public, because everyone I meet is interested in this transportation device. I have also found that I can sit on the knee cushion, rest my bad ankle on the front axle and be pushed or go forward with one foot quite comfortably. The brake had to be adjusted in order to hold the parking brake solidly in place. I am very pleased with this machine and would recommend it to anyone approaching or experiencing a prolonged period of non weight bearing after surgery to the foot, ankle or Achilles tendon. on Sep 2nd 2015

    7. High Quality Knee Scooter -- Improvement Possibly Needed

      This scooter appears to be of the highest quality. The turning radius is a bit wide, not practical for house use. I have thought about grinding off the stops to allow a sharper turning radius, but recognize from trying it out outside that there is a risk of tipping when turning so I guess I can understand why it has the stops (liability). Someone My surgery is next week, so I am just testing it now so I know what to expect. Although it glides easily, I can see that it shouldn't be "driven" at high speed, which is tempting. The brake is definitely necessary when outside on slopes. I am thinking that even without the stops, it shouldn't be dangerous as I wouldn't be steering tightly except indoors, and then would be at very low speed anyway. It would be nice if the stops were removable, perhaps easily, with the instruction to install them when using the scooter outside. on Aug 28th 2015

    8. 9

      Love it. I did have to cover knee pad with some material. So it would not blister my knee . on Aug 25th 2015

    9. I Get Around (with my Kneerover All Terrain Knee Walker Scooter)

      The All Terrain Kneerover Scooter is built to last. It looks great and operates very smoothly. I feel like I will be able to do things and get around much better in the meantime. In fact, I am considering using the All Terrain Model for the "Great Outdoors" and for shopping trips, and I intend to purchase another style to Get Around indoors. I have had three separate surgeries and I am dealing with Arthritic Pain to a high degree. I learned about Knee Walkers during my recovery from a Toe Fusion surgery and I used a "Kneerover" with great ease. The only negative issue I have with the All Terrain Model is the restriction of the turning radius, which makes it somewhat "tough" to navigate the sharper turns from the hallway to the bedrooms, etc. Once I learn how to manage this with ease, I am sure this "problem" will go away. BTW..... Customer Service has been Wonderful, AND "over the top" helpful and courteous. I am so pleased that I decided to purchase this Kneerover from "Medical for You". Thanks TONS!!! Richard Robins. on Aug 21st 2015

    10. Great product

      Crutches are awful. My knee walker meets all the promises on the web site. It is sturdy and allows travel through carpet, grass and gravel. Very stable. I feel safe. on Aug 12th 2015

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