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Classic Rolling Knee Walkers

Crutches and wheelchairs aren't for you. Your mobility solution needs to be stable, versatile, and durable. Try a classic knee walker scooter from the collection. You won't go back to hobbling once you start gliding.

Why You Should Chose a Rolling Knee Walker

Are you tired of crutches rubbing your armpits and limiting where you can go comfortably? Do you want something gentler on your body that allows you to move around more freely? If so, rolling knee walkers are the mobility solution for you.

Knee scooters present a more comfortable, ergonomic alternative to crutches. These rolling walkers include a detachable storage basket, steerable handlebars, and contoured knee padding.

Disc brakes and parking brakes help to keep you safe while you cruise. These rolling knee walkers also fold up easily so you can pack them into the car.

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