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All Terrain KneeRover PRO Knee Walker

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    ALL NEW KneeRover PRO - All Terrain Knee Walker

    Experience MAXIMUM FREEDOM and PERFORMANCE with the All Terrain KneeRover PRO knee scooter - the most advanced knee walker for individuals who cannot bear weight on their foot or ankle, yet want to remain active.

    Revolutionary, patent pending new design features integrated Shock Technology for maximum ride comfort on any terrain.

    These indoor - outdoor All Terrain kneeling walkers are an excellent alternative to crutches and feature 12" diameter off-road pneumatic tires designed to easily traverse grass, sidewalks, gravel and dirt with incredible ease and agility

    The KneeRover PRO steerable knee scooter delivers maximum stability via an automotive style tie-rod steering mechanism.

    The KneeRover Aluminum double bar construction offers unprecedented strength while remaining lightweight and portable thanks to a folding mechanism that utilizes an easy to use thumb-release lever.

    Whether you are at home, at work, on the trail, or on the town, the KneeRover Pro medical scooter will keep you on the move, safely navigating everyday life with ease and adding a little fun along the way.

    Color: Metallic Silver
    Product Weight: 27.5 Lbs
    Weight Capacity: 350 lbs
    Overall Length: 36.5"
    Handlebar Height Range: 34" to 43"
    Overall Height w/ handlebar folded and and seat removed: 17.5"
    Knee Support Height Range: 19" - 24"
    Knee pad: 6.75" wide x 12.5" length
    Front Axle Width: 21"
    Rear Clamp Brakes

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    1. A blessing to have

      Just had bunion surgery with screws and straightening and pinning of 4 hammer toes. To say the least, I am banged up. Though I was sent home with crutches, my rover has been the biggest help. Cannot tell you enough what a great, quality product this is. It is sturdy too. I weigh 182 and feel that it supports me with no wobbling. Because I got the all terrain, I will be able to go outdoors too when I feel a little better. One thing that it doesn't do is turn a sharp corner, but it is easy to navigate. This piece of equipment I will keep! on Feb 6th 2017

    2. Lifechanger

      This bike has really changed my life convalescing from foot surgery. The first weeks, getting around the house was a breeze (don't take the corners too fast!!) and now that I'm better (4 weeks but still in a boot) it has enabled me to get out and even do a little sightseeing (Strasbourg city center, cobblestones and all) plus doubling as a footstool or place to sit when you're tired. My only critique is the lower bar of the frame which is too low when you go over a threshold or high curb. on May 31st 2016

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    • How To Assemble Your KneeRover® Pro

    How To Assemble Your KneeRover® Pro

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